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New Boar Store Additions 2017



BTC Uncaged 45-1 (Uncaged x Cadillac)
LEC Graduate 12-1 (Drinking Class x I do)
Rake Sasquatch 211-2 (Sasquatch 10-2 x Roz Als Ale)
BTC Land Shark 51-2 (Left Shark x Gunslinger)
Chester Whites
TRF Bullfrog 16-2 (Bullfrog 247-3 x Promise Keeper)
TRF Keepin Track 236-5 (Keepin Track 32-1 x White Lion)
TRF KKeepin Track 207-3 (Keepin Track 32-1 x White Squall)
WBS White Lazer 7-2 (Thunder x Mammoth)
TRF Frog Party 10-3 (Party Crasher x Bullfrog)
TRF Cannon 224-2 (Biggerz Better 3-1 x Biggerz Better 3-1 )
NBS Reserve Champion Boar-- Landmine 5-2
Baconator 6-2 (Record Keeper 245-2 x Steamroller)
Kool Front 9-1 (Pug x Redemption)
Heavy Frame 31-7 (Heavy Duty x GAF Micky)
Big Country 18-5 (51-1 x Beacon)
Spotlight 10-9 ( 51-1 x Beacon)

New Boar Store Additions 2016


Chester White Boar

"White Tail 29-1" Bred by Rake Genetics, WI
Incredible power in a well designed attractive Boar. A popular down to business Boar.
$75/ dose


"White Tail 29-2" Bred by Rake Genetics, WI
Tremendous Littermate to White Tail 1 with Length, Bone, Correct Skeleton, Angles & Joints. The ideal Commercial Boar. This is what our Customers like. $75/ dose

"Promise Keeper 20-2" Bred by Rake Genetics, WI
Maternal Sire Deluxe! Loaded pedigree with Promise Keeper and White Lion 21-5. At the top of the Breed for Maternal Index! Documented Performance, Documented Sow Production in a Long Bodied, Super Sound Structured, Very Attractive yet clean and Muscular Boar with the ideal set to his rum, hip and hind leg & foot set.
$75/ dose
Hampshire Boar
"Extra Point 72-2" Bred owned with Del Guard, IN
Tremendous Power of Bone, Muscle & Mass. Very Correct with Extra Extension combined with all that Width. His Mother is very productive. $100/dose

YAG "New Adventure" 56-2
Full Brother to "Alter Ego" at Top Cut Genetics
A Genetic and Structural Giant. Make Bigger Hampshires

Duroc Boar

"Shameless 169-5" Bred by Nelson Brothers, SD
Thick and Sound Structured as a Cat. Him Mom is an "Ice" Sow, Super Productive and Powerful. This Boar is Massive All Over.
$75/ dose

Tamworth Boar
Record Keeper 245-2

"Record Keeper 295-2" Record Breaker x Steamroller
Tamworth Generating Power, Incredibly Long, Thick and Sound.
$75/ dose

"BTC King Kong 33-1" Bred by Brice Conover, IA
Unbelievable find!! The perfect fit for for our "Sasquatch 10-2" daughters. Comfortable in his own skin with the right skeletal -muscle blend and fit. If you don't believe this guys feet and LEGS, come see for yourself! This boar could be everything to everybody! Semen $150/dose or 3 doses/$300.
Land Shark 51-2
"HSO Cubic Inch 5-4" Bred by Hilman Schroeder, WI
The Bigger Box! The Heaviest Boned York at 2015-National Barrow Show- Now at Wisconsin Boar Store
400 lbs. 1.80 WDA .86 B.F. 10.8 Loin Eye
You've Got to see this Boar to believe it! More Cubic Inches, More Mass, More Power, More Boar!



New Boar Store Additions 2014



Black Powder 233-2------CC Kaboom x Black Diamond 7-1------ $75/ds
Venum 17-4 Venum 8-1 ---------- Whatelse 5-5 ------ $75/ds
Reed Sasquatch 10-2 -------- Sasquatch x Dark Horse -------- $75/ds
Top selling Berk Boar 2014 World Pork Expo Now at WBS
Old Fashioned Big Framed Heavy Boned Production Boar - Fertile and Sound


Chester Whites

Get With It 1-1 ------------ Bellringer x Landslide------ $75/ds
Biggerzbetter 3-1-------- Big Rig 53-3 x Off the Wall------ $75/ds
Keepin Track 32-1------- Promise Keeper x Big Track------ $150/ds
TRF Shock 233-5 -------- Line Bred Spark Plug x Jolt -------- $75/ds
BullFrog 247-3 -------- Get With It x White Squall -------- $75/ds
Show Pig Deluxe! The Longest, Widest, Cleanest Fronted Chester


HD Bold Ruler 51-10 ------ SD Bold Ruler 87-1 x Red Draw ------ $75/ds
Incredibly Correct
HD Bold Ruler 27-4 -------- SD Bold Ruler 87-1 x HD Asia -------- $75/ds
Tall Fronted ----- Heavy Structured ----- Thick Massive Front


Scary Good 14-2---------- T Bone 53-1 Pay Attention ------ $150/ds
SkyTrac 1-2 ------- Huggy Bear x BlockBuster x King Kong -------$75/ds
Tall Fronted -------Heavy Skeleton
SkyWay 1-3 ------ Huggy Bear x BlockBuster x King Kong ------ $75/ds
Massive Thickness ------ Heavy Skeleton


TGIF 55-1------------ Freaky Friday x Steam Roller 2-1------ $75/ds



Heavy Duty72-1-------------Hi Gear x 59-5------ $75/ds
ER Good Karma 203-3 ------ Good Karma x Punkin 59-6 ------- $75/ds
Record Breaker -------- Cornerstone x Mister -------- $100/ds
World Record selling Tamworth boar ---- Grand Champion boar at Summer Type Conference


Packer Backer 8-7------HSO Packer 14-9 x Beef Cake 63-1------ $75/ds


"Party Crasher" 2-9 Bred by Kaufman Farms, IA
A Snazzy "Party On" Son New Blood to add Show look to our Chesters.
He is definitely Square, Clean Cut, and Very Meaty & Attractive.
$75/ dose


Freaky Friday Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday Freaky Friday


Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday



--Bred by Travis Perry, Indiana
--Linebred "Big Shot" from Moyers, Ohio
--Full Brother to $50,000 Laird Boar "Gunslinger"
-- Unbelievable Opportunity, BOOK SEMEN NOW!
--His mom "Black Friday" a celebrity sow in the showpig world


T-Bone 53-1

T-Bone 53-1






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